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930 National Pkwy, Schaumburg, Il, 60173 847-553-8594  

Date: 12/08/23

Village of Schaumburg, Community Development Dept.

101 Schaumburg Court, Schaumburg, IL 60193

Subject: Request for Change of Zoning to Special Zone for Community Center Usage

Dear Community Development,

I hope this letter finds you well. As per our discussion this evening with you and Matt Frank I am writing to formally request a change in zoning for NATIONAL INDIA HUB Foundation (INDIA HUB) property at 930 National Pkwy, Schaumburg, Il, 60173 to a special zone that permits the establishment and operation of a community center.

In January 2023 The Ministry of External Affairs of India recognized INDIA HUB as one of the most effective service organizations in the world which helped more than 11,000 people across the United States since the beginning of the Pandemic in March 2020 by bringing more than 135 Organizations together and continuing the services for all the ethnicities without borders. The purpose of NATIONAL INDIA HUB on National Pkwy in Schaumburg is ultimately to enhance the overall quality of life in the Greater Chicago community by providing a place where residents can connect, learn, grow, and access essential services. INDIA HUB is a valuable asset that contributes to the well-being and resilience of communities. INDIA HUB already has over 285 Volunteers signed up to support the mission and vision to serve the community without borders and supported to set up the furniture worth more than $500,000 within 2 months.

Our present partners and the ones who are ready to join us soon are: CHICAGO MEDICAL SOCIETY, American Heart Association, Bhartiya Senior Citizens of Chicago, Boy Scouts, Sanjeevani, Schaumburg District 54 Parents As Teachers, Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault NWCASA, US INDIA Business Chamber (National),  Many Yoga & Meditation Groups, Cultural Groups, Langualge Classes Groups, IT Companies, Industries, Hotel, Real Estate and Business Organizations to help with Skill Development & youth support activities. We are also in the process of partnering with Government Organizations to serve the community through different service activities. 



    1. I have attached the pictures of Floor Plan & the present shape of each floor with the new ready to use setup and the piles of furniture waiting to set up as soon as we get the permit. Most of the furniture was donated by community members and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.


      Health and Wellness Services: 1st & 4th Floors INDIA HUB offers health services, including Preventive Health care, Mental Health support,  vaccinations, health screenings, CPR TRAININGS and wellness programs. These services contribute to the overall health of the community. We partnered with CHICAGO MEDICAL SOCIETY and American Heart Association to implement these projects along with our INDIA HUB's 26 Volunteer physicians from different backgrounds with lots of experience.


    1. Support Services: 1st 4th & 5th Floors INDIA HUB serves as a hub for various support services, such as Skill Development, food banks, job placement assistance, counseling, legal aid, Immigration services, Domestice Abuse Survivor support, Sexual Assault Victims support and many more. These services help individuals and families in dire need.


    1. Senior and Elderly Services: 2nd Floor INDIA HUB caters to the needs of senior citizens by offering programs, activities, and resources that enhance their quality of life and combat social isolation. We partnered with BSCC Bhartiya Senior Citizens of Chicago who already have over 1700 members out of which more than 400 members are from the Schaumburg area. 


    Business, Education and Lifelong Learning: 1st & 4th Floors INDIA HUB often hosts educational programs, workshops, and classes, covering a wide range of topics. These opportunities support lifelong learning, skill development, and personal growth in Technology, Healthcare, Art, Wellness, Employment, Business growth, etc.


    1. Youth Programs: 4th Floor INDIA HUB frequently offers youth programs, such as after-school activities, tutoring, and mentoring. These programs help young people develop social skills, receive academic support, and engage in constructive activities.


      1. Cultural and Arts Programs: 1st & 5th Floors INDIA HUB hosts cultural events, art exhibitions, music performances, and theater productions. These activities celebrate the local culture and arts, providing both entertainment and opportunities for creative expression of all ethnicities.


        1. Community Engagement: 1st & 5th Floors INDIA HUB often serves as platforms for community engagement and civic participation. All Residents can use INDIA HUB to organize meetings, town halls, Private events and events related to local issues and initiatives. NO ALCOHOL WILL EVER BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. We will keep promoting the awareness of staying away from addictive substances.


          1. Emergency Response and Preparedness: 4th Floor In times of disaster or emergency, INDIA HUB can serve as emergency shelter, distribution center for supplies, and coordination hubs for disaster response efforts.



            1. Cultural Exchange: 1st Floor INDIA HUB hosts cultural exchange programs, where people from diverse backgrounds can learn about and appreciate different cultures, promoting tolerance and understanding. INDIA HUB partnered with 32 cultural organizations (Dance, Music, Singing, Yoga & Meditation) and has been connecting and promoting them since 2014.



                Community Safety: 4th Floor INDIA HUB will partner with law enforcement agencies to promote community policing and safety initiatives, building trust between residents and law enforcement. We've already started working with the Naperville Police Department in this regard.


                1. Environmental Initiatives: 4th Floor Programs to support environmental initiatives, such as recycling programs, community gardens, and workshops on sustainable living with the help of youth volunteers and partner organizations like Boy Scouts, Sewa International, Maharashtra Mandal, etc.


                  Recreation and Leisure: 3rd Floor  With a strong message of staying away from SCREENS & spend time with FAMILY & FRIENDS:  In this building we offer recreational facilities with indoor sports like Carroms, Table Tennis, Chess, Pool Tables, gym and fitness classes. These activities promote physical health and well-being while offering residents opportunities for leisure and exercise.


                  Social Gathering: 5th Floor INDIA HUB provides a safe and welcoming space for residents to come together, socialize, and build relationships. These interactions foster a sense of belonging and community cohesion.



                  I sincerely believe that the establishment of a community center at [address or location] will significantly contribute to the overall well-being and development of our community. I kindly request your consideration of this zoning change proposal and look forward to the opportunity to discuss this matter further.


                  Thank you for your time and attention to this important request. I am available for any additional information or clarification that may be required.



                  Harish Kolasani

                  President, NATIONAL INDIA HUB Foundation




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