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Here is how our Community Heroes are choosing to be a part of the solution in every possible way.

Mr. Kalpesh Joshi


BAPS Charities:

Throughout America, the BAPS religious organization has been extending its charity to everyone their giving arms can reach. From the donation of sanitary resources for frontline workers to the preparation of hot meals for underserved communities, BAPS Charities has taken a tremendous step in uniting and serving their community which, for them, happens to be in many places across the country. The states served by this organization include Illinois, New Jersey, New York, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina, Maryland, and Ohio and in each of these states, their love and support - whether direct or indirect - has caused great relief in the communities. Every amazing act that they commit is done without prejudice and without expecting anything in return. In light of this incredible commitment they’ve shown to making the nation safer, stronger, and more united, we would like to take the time to thank BAPS Charities for everything that they have done.

Find out more about how they’ve been helping during the COVID-19 Pandemic here: https://www.bapscharities.org/covid-19/

Drs. Ajay & Padma Ponugoti

Dr. Anvita Bitta Saini & Team

Ulka Nagarkar & Team

People around the world are putting forth relentless efforts to support their communities by hand-making cloth masks from their own homes! Despite being in quarantine, these individuals have selflessly united to ensure the safety of doctors, nurses, and communities. 

Despite these unprecedented times, first responders continue to put the health and safety of their community before themselves.

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