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16 E Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg, IL, 60194 

NATIONAL INDIA HUB is an initiative of NCAIA & NRI SEVA Foundation along with partner organizations who formed INDIAN TASK FORCE to support our community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that many Indian Americans faced. Our goal at INDIA HUB is to UNITE, CELEBRATE & HELP EACH OTHER.

INDIA HUB's MISSION is to promote Indian culture and values by providing social, cultural, recreational and community programs, thereby uniting the Indian community, and raising awareness about Indian culture in the community ACROSS THE UNITED STATES. This is a non-religious, non-political space meant to foster community growth and coordination, increase cultural connections and awareness, and serve those who are struggling in any way. We welcome all without regard to racial, ethnic, regional, religious, political or socio-economic background.

INDIA HUB's VISION is to ensure that there is an Indian American Community Center in every City across the US by partnering or mentoring local passionate community leaders.

We are in process of opening our doors in the heart of Naperville area, IL by SPRING 2021 and in Schaumburg, IL in WINTER 2021 to serve as a vehicle through which we can reach the broader community in the Greater Chicago Area.

India Hub's first center in Downtown Schaumburg will be one of the first nonreligious nonpartisan Indian American Community center in Greater Chicago and will serve as the National Head quarter.

NEED FOR THIS SERVICE: Over the last 45 years, the Indian American community has seen incredible growth within the US. Today, the Indian American community stands at a large number in the greater Chicago area. As of now, there are at least three generations of Indian Americans living in this area. It was our collective dream to build a community center to cater to different needs of the community, and, with this focus in mind, the idea of India Hub was conceptualized. With new developments such as the pandemic, growing population, changing trends coupled with economic diversity, the scope of the project widened to include many services and programs.

FEATURES: India Hub's services has been divided into several sectors, each of which is centered around providing opportunities for support, aid, connection, activities and cultural education.

  • Free Clinic - will provide high quality healthcare to uninsured and medically under-served patients with the help of volunteer physicians at no cost or minimal to the patient.  

  • Mental Health Support Clinic - Awareness programs and resources to support mental health initiatives. 

  • Activity Center - allows participants to engage in a variety of different games and sports, including table tennis, pool, chess, carom board and other indoor games. Activity center will be attached to a canteen to provide snacks and drinks.  

  • Youth Activity Center - involves students of all ages to come up with new ideas to help the community. The Hub will help them to implement their ideas with the help of our community resources and mentorship.

  • Performance Arts - By partnering with eminent cultural organizations, we provide for Dance, Music & Art classes and other competitions pertaining to Indian cultural art forms along with regular Yoga & Meditation Classes. All the classes are provided for free or at nominal cost.

  • Legal Counseling Center - offers legal advice to people struggling with immigration, personal and business-related issues.

  • Center for Domestic Abuse Survivors - offers counseling and legal aid for women and men. 

  • Center for Awareness Programs - is a forum for discussion and education about civic duties, mental and physical health awareness, and provides programs for community members.

  • Matrimonial Service Hub- provide support for our community to meet each other

  • Senior Center - provides activities and connections for people to interact and spend their time in a safe and friendly community.

  • Childcare Center - serves as a daycare center for children ages 9 years and under. 

  • Clothing/Toy Distribution Center - where our community members can donate Indian traditional clothes to the people who can use them and donate toys in good condition to the next generation.

  • Food Distribution - provide resources to help families who are food insecure. 

  • Studio - to create professional presentations, videos, podcast and interviews by the individuals, organizations and groups.


India Hub belongs to every community organization, leader and every person who likes to volunteer.

Only focus of this center is to bring the community together and serve the community while also sharing our resources, empathy and culture with the mainstream community to unite cultures and create bridges.

Sanjevani 4u partner with INDIA HUB

Sanjevani 4u partner with INDIA HUB

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